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The disabled remains a group that requires a necessary and ongoing intervention in rural Guatemala, as there are minimal opportunities for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities when it comes to education and employment.

People with disabilities continue to face significant discrimination because of all the social prejudices that exist around this condition; this is a result of a lack of information.

The increased visibility of people with disabilities and the awareness of the civilian population are two important aspects to be worked on, keys to true integration of this group.

Therefore ME IMPORTAS works together with the Guatemalan non-profit organisation AMIGUITOS, which for decades has been working to help this group in the town of El Estor and whose work has been essential in the detection, treatment and therapy for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities as well as their integration and visibility among the civilian population.

For this and together with this local partner, we encourage projects in the following areas:

- Early detection of physical and psychological disability through access to
specialized medical evaluation and diagnosis.

- Psychological therapy and specialized physiotherapy.

- Generation of employment for people with disabilities.