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Education Programme - Slum of Park Circus – Kolkata.

Despite being one of the most central and developed areas of the city of Kolkata, Park Circus is also one of the main pockets of poverty in the city. Around the station tracks of the same name sits a large slum, a shanty settlement of large size and deep margins. Kolkata has a population of over thirteen million people, many of whom are victims of rural exodus or Bangladeshi immigrants who move to this great city in search of an opportunity, and when they don’t find it they are forced to live in one of these slums, mired in deep poverty.

ME IMPORTAS works in the slums of Park Circus where we launched an education programme that includes three types of actions:


Scholarships are targeted to benefit children and young people with a strong motivation for the study, whose families are in extreme poverty and therefore lack the financial means needed to facilitate access to education to their sons / daughters.

The target is for children who, without an opportunity like this, are directly doomed to child labor or begging.

ME IMPORTAS has implemented a Scholarship Program for Elementary and Secondary with long-term commitment to our students, with the goal of having a complete school education. Scholarships include full annual school fees, school supplies, uniform and other items as school lunch, transportation, etc...

For the proper development of the programme we work together with a group of local schools and institutions where our students study and whose cooperation is essential to our cause.

Education is for ME IMPORTAS a key tool for change. Therefore, we have implemented a system of “Sponsorship studies”, with the aim of helping as many children as we can. It is a transparent sponsorship format for each student and godfather / godmother.

If you want to be involved in this program and become a godfather / godmother for the studies of some of our children and youth, or want more information about the program, please visit our Education Sponsorship tab or contact us at

Strengthening local schools:

ME IMPORTAS tries to promote the development and strengthening of local schools near the slum, with the aim of promoting a quality education that is accessible to as many students as possible.

Training of Adults:

In collaboration with local institutions and organisations, ME IMPORTAS helps training in professional skills such as hairdressing or tailoring, targeted mostly at men and women living in the slums and whose access to the labor market is very difficult. The aim of this programme is to enable them to acquire certain skills that they can later on use for professional work purposes. With this training we also aim to assist in the empowerment of women in India.